Ocean Wave Energy Conversion. Michael E. McCormick

Ocean Wave Energy Conversion

ISBN: 9780486462455 | 256 pages | 7 Mb

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Ocean Wave Energy Conversion Michael E. McCormick
Publisher: Dover Publications

Wave energy can be converted into electricity through both offshore and onshore systems. Wave power devices extract energy directly from surface waves or from pressure fluctuations below the surface. The study showed that the potential capacity for this resource is enormous. Ocean energy includes wave energy, ocean current energy, tidal energy, offshore wind, thermal gradient energy, hydrogen production, aqua biofuels and more. It should be noted that it is not When a wave crashes on the shore it releases great amounts of energy since Ocean waves carry large amounts of energy as they move up and down. The devices which are used to capture wave energy and convert it into useful electricity are called Wave Energy Converters, WECs. Wave Energy is a Renewable Energy Source which is still at is infancy but has a great potential and can be the source of many innovations. Ocean energy is not well understood and has not been given . Renewable energy analysts believe there is enough energy in the ocean waves to provide up to 2 terawatts of electricity. WECs are devices designed to convert and harness the energy contained in ocean waves. Here's an interesting trend that we'll want to keep our eyes on, courtesy of the US Department of Energy.

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